Not making the big moves, Only acting when forced into a corner!

For most of my career, I have done the safe thing.  Looking back at my past self, knowing what I know now, I am disgusted with what I see.  How many missed opportunities were there?  How many missed fortunes, missed business ideas, missed relationships, or missed ideas?  There is no way to know exactly, nor is there much value in dwelling too long on it.  But there is value in looking at it briefly, shaking my head, telling myself to stop being a scared little bitch, and to tell myself “Hey cunt, get off of your ass and DO THE THING!”

The only time I have really done things that took bravery I did them for reasons that weren’t brave.  Sure, I served in the US Navy.  Sure, I moved my family across the country multiple times to pursue work.  Sure, I decided to invest in my future.  But did I take these actions because at the time I thought they were the best option and made the most sense for me?  NOPE!  I only took these actions when my alternatives were bad enough that I was almost FORCED to take these actions.

You could say I was brave to join the Navy and go fight in a post 9-11 world.  What if I told you I had dropped out of college and I had no other prospects except to be a bum living with my parents with no job?  Does that joining the Navy to follow someone else’s orders still seem “BRAVE” to you?  It actually seems like a bitch move to me thinking back on it.  Sure, it got me the training I use today for work, but it didn’t get me outside of my comfort zone or teach me anything like entrepreneurship. 

You could say I was brave to move my family across the country for work when most Americans wouldn’t move to another town in their own state for work.  What if I told you I only did so when the plant I was working at was closing and I had ZERO savings, lived paycheck to paycheck, and couldn’t afford a two week pay period without a job?  What if I told you I only did it to avoid being a complete failure, and having to move back in with my parents, now with a new WIFE?  What if I told you the other time we moved was because my wife was being unfaithful and I had to get my family out of that town to try to keep it together?  Does that still seem brave?  To not respect myself enough to get out of a marriage like that…. Was that the right call?  Now I can look back and say definitively, NO!

My life up until a year ago was a series of compromises and avoiding conflict.  I know now that I will never get anywhere in life by compromising or avoiding conflict.  Most of the riches to be had in this world are for people who do exactly the opposite of that.  Never again will I allow myself to fall back into those habits, you shouldn’t either!  We need to hold each other accountable for our shortcomings and call each other out when we are being bitches.  Don’t let me bitch out, hold me accountable and I will do the same for you.  Have a great week folks, go out there and TAKE ACTION!

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