Shorts 6-8-2024 - Reference Links

Links to Stories:

  1. Spokane Fixed Intersection Mural


  1. Three Arrested on Felony Charges for 1st degree malicious mischief


  1. Mural Damaged AGAIN by Children on Scooters!!!


  1. Krassenstein Sad About Gunther! Blaming Social Media for Vandalism!


  1. Fashion Show or Struggle Session! Alabama vs Maryland!


  1. Lectern Prosecutor Getting Prosecuted for ROAD RAGE STABBING!


  1. American Weapons in Use INSIDE RUSSIA with US Permission!


  1. WW3 In Progress! NATO Planning How to Get US Troops to the Front!


  1. Russia Conducting Exercises in the Caribbean! Escalation!


  1. Russia Warns the US Regarding Arming of Ukraine! Are We Listening!


  1. Russia to Start Arming Enemies of the US in RESPONSE! Escalation!


  1. BRICS Looking to Replace SWIFT Payment Systems! #PetroDollar


  1. Taxed to Support Billionaires and Distract You from Life!


  1. Food Price Controls! This Has NEVER Ended Well!!!