Shorts - 5-25-2024 - Reference Links

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  1. Mandatory Vaccinations… Period! No Thanks!


  1. Democrats Spreading Hate! America Does NOT Hate American Minorities! Democrats Do!


  1. Faking Victim Status For U-Visas!


  1. Crimes That Should Never Have Happened!


  1. FBI Raid NSA Employee! Find 16 MILLION Intimate Images!!


  1. US Citizens Arrested in Failed Coup in Congo!!! CIA?


  1. Trump Case Derailed! Cohen Allegedly Stole 6 Figures From Trump Org!!


  1. Biden Misspeak! Claims Hostage in Israel is at His Speech!


  1. Real Meat Will Be Unaffordable! Bugs and Fake Meat is in OUR Future!


  1. Fast Food Inflation! $7.49 for a BIG MAC!!!!!


  1. President Treated Like Common Criminal! FBI Claims Normal!


  1. Everything is Getting “Bird Flu” Now! The Worms Aren’t Safe!!!!!


  1. Interest Now Costs More Than National Defense!!!


  1. Biden Admin Suing States for Penalizing Criminal Aliens!!! WHAT!?


  1. Falling Short of Recruitment Goals? I Wonder WHY!!!


  1. NBC FAIL! “Alleged Tornados!” Allegedly Damage Alleged Town … Allegedly!!!


  1. Another One LOST Too Soon!


  1. Apparently In NY Crimes Aren’t Illegal Anymore! Judges Don’t Care Anymore!


  1. Why is it ALWAYS the McDonald’s Drive Thru?!


    20. Questions Need to be Asked and Answered!


  1. Lower Standards for Admissions to UCLA Medical!!! This is DANGEROUS!


  1. Great First Step! Banning CBDCs is a GREAT Place to Start!


  1. DC Votes to Repeal Ban on Non-Citizens Voting!!!


  1. Greater Idaho Measure Passes with Majority of Vote! 13 Counties Now!!!


  1. China is Up to Something! IT IS HAPPENING NOW!!!


  1. Trump MAGA is More Inclusive! Anyone is Welcome if You LOVE the USA!!!


  1. Liberal Troll Tried to Call Them Racist! Take the L and Go Home!


  1. WHO Pandemic Treaty INCOMING! This is a DISASTER for Freedom!