Shorts 5-15-2024 - Reference Links

Democracy Ls:


Target Ditching Pride Merch in Stores:


Crime of the Century Poke:


Student Suspended Over Clarification of “Illegal Alien”:


Congresswoman is a CLIENT of Judge Merchan’s:


Bird Flu INCOMING, Elections 2024!:


Ashley Biden Diary Confirmed in Court!:


Idaho be BASED!  Banning Pronouns in Schools Starting July 1:


Fox News Caught Censoring Political Ads For REPUBLICAN!:


Probation for Poisoning?!?! System Doesn’t Value Men:


Contrast in Punishment!  Is this even REAL?


Iranian Lawmaker Declares They Have NUKES!


Mississippi Passes the SAFER Act, Protect WOMEN!


Democrats Consider REMOTE Convention, Biden to the BASEMENT!


The Dangers of a CBDC! Warning From Rep Massie!


Stormy Daniels Contradicts.. Stormy Daniels!  Victim or Not?


Planet Fitness Wants Your Children!  HARD PASS!


Return of the $GME Apes!  Short Sellers Sad!


UC Davis Professor Caught Encouraging Self-Deletion for Disagreement!


UNC Board Abolishes DEI!  Funds Given to Campus Policing!!!


Bernie Sanders Still a Clown!  Requests More Medical Diversity?


More Military Aid to Ukraine!  No Aid to USA Border?


Loomer Brings Receipts!


Ship Still Stuck in Baltimore Harbor?!  Is This the Desired Outcome?!


Biden Admits Harris Smarter Than Him!


Principal Caught Trapping and Committing Acts of Horror on Security Video!


California Clow Show!  Newsom Turns $100B Surplus into $73B Deficit!?


NGOs Raking in the Money with Open Border!?


Ukraine Re-Invaded Because Money Stolen by Bureaucrats?!


Man Slashing Random People in NYC!  Liberal Cities Suck on 2A!


Blackouts Across Ukraine!  Can They Pull This Off?!


Armed Militants Seen Using UN Buildings and Vehicles!  What is Happening?!


Senator Cory Booker Paying Merchan Family for “Digital Consulting”


Rep Gaetz Illuminates Administration Failure!  Troops HOSTAGE in Niger!


Virtual Fast-Food Workers Are a Thing NOW?!  Minimum Wage Destroying Local Jobs!