Shorts 5-10-2024

Stories/Links from Today's Shorts!


$66B to illegals but only $3B to Vets?!


AstraZeneca Withdrawing COVID Vaccine Worldwide?!


MTG Vote Fails and Johnson Defends Jack Smith!!!


Thomas Massie Upset APIAC and Now They Are Primarying Him!!!



RFK Jr Supports Full Term Abortion!!!


Flying Cars!?  Hopefully They Aren’t Made By Boeing!


Criminal Alien SA of 11yo is Reported As White!  More Lies!


H5N1 Bird Flu is Disease X?!  Thoughts?


Fulton County Double-Scans and Loses THOUSANDS of Ballots!


Mandatory Voter ID in All 50 States!


Ammunition May Be Hard to Come By SOON!


Mischief Allegedly Afoot in Milwaukee 2020


Milei’s Recovery – Make Argentina Great Again!



Nation State AI – Orwell Wet Dream!!


GA Election Shenanigans! Missing Ballot Images!


GA Obstetrician Decapitates Baby!


Judge Merchan’s Family Connected to Biden and Leticia James!!


Red Hat Federal Lawsuit DEI Discrimination


AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Russell Brand!